Are used VW Jettas good cars to buy?

I want to buy a jetta vr6, but i'm not sure if they're reliable.


How does a trade in work? i have a 04 accord with 75000 miles and in perfect condition.?

i read somewhere they are the most expensive to repair!

Do you own a Hyundai Elantra?

I bought a new one for my daughter and I will never buy another vw.

What's the best car/Van/SUV for lease or Purchase at $200 Month?

Jettas are great cars and can last a really long time (read 200k miles) if they are well maintained. If you're buying this car from a private party Id have a mechanic check it out before you make your decision but if you're buying from a reputable dealership Id feel comfortable making the purchase. Good luck and enjoy you're VW!

What are the pros and cons of increasing gas prices?

If you're buying a certified VW from a dealership, they have one of the best warranties.

What you think about "Mitsubishi PAJERO io "PININ"?

Helped my sister-in-law purchase a 1999 VW Jetta, and have had some major problems with it, however the certified warranty covered all repairs, and they have honored all the repairs at no cost.

Hyundai Accent VS Mitsubishi Lancer which is good?

Problems we have had include:
1. Tranmission slipping.
2. A/C compressor going out.
3. Electrical problem with the cigarette lighter not working.

Which in your opinion is a better choice to buy between 07 honda pilot vs 07 nissan murano, why?

All fixed by them under warranty.

Hey What's The BEST Used car for a17 year old that looks stylish but not over 10 k??

reliable or not..expensive cars to fix!!

Is the dealer-certified tag worth the extra money when buying a used car?

Girlfriend bought a used VW Passat she had problems with it. I couldn't take it anywhere any dealer b/c they had the special tools for it. Even to get a oil change they charge over $100.00. Dont' get me wrong nice looking car, but would never buy VW again

The car dealership abandoned a vehicle on my property what do i do?

5 months later convinced her to get a Toyota 4Runner.been happy since then

End of car deal - so I sell?

They are not reliable and are very expensive to fix. It is a shame that they have such problems, as they are well designed and engineered. Reliability has slipped to near the bottom of recent Consumer Reports surveys. Parts are relatively scarce and expensive, as are repairs in general. Special tools and hardware/software are needed, and a lot of small shops do not have them. That means the dealer. This car will spend a good deal of time there.

Help choosing a car?? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Look elsewhere for a smaller sports sedan.

Where online can i find cars for sale in georgia?

Acura RSX
Honda Accord EX
Nissan Maxima
Mazda6 S (close call, reliability has only recently improved)
Nissan Altima V6
Lexus IS300
Infiniti G35
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