Any advice for a single woman buying a used car? Grrr its been frustrating so far!?

I have been car hunting and the salesmen treat me like an idiot. When I was married, the hard part was the negotiation. Now that I am single there is no negotiation - the salesmen arent cutting me any deals at all! Even when I tell them thats the problem, they still dont offer me any money off their prices.

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I know which car I want, have good credit and a good down payment. I wont argue to try and get a few hundred bucks off, I'll walk away from them because its obvious that they dont want to treat me the same as the couples I have spoken with that have purchased the same vehicle that I am looking at.

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Any advice for handling these salesmen? so far honesty doesnt seem to work! thanks much for any pointers you may have for me


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It's sad to say that your experience isn't the first I've heard of. Car salesmen can be downright rude when dealing with women. Depending on what brand vehicle you're looking for, negotiations may not bare any fruit . . . such as, for example, a Honda or Toyota. These cars are in such high demand because of their outstanding reputations that trying to get a better deal than that which is advertised may be difficult . . . even for the male of our species. Perhaps there is someone you could take with you when you go car shopping . . . a friend or a relative? My sister hasn't purchased a vehicle on her own in the past 15 years . . . not that she isn't able, just that she doesn't want to deal with the situation you're currently going through. Also, are you shopping at new car dealerships or are you just going to the used car dealers in your area? You may find better hunting at new car dealers as the pre-owned inventory they keep are usually trade-in vehicles they receive from customers that purchase new cars from them. This is good for you as these new car dealers have to stand behind (offer some kind of warranty) these pre-owned vehicles and they'll usually go through them pretty maticulously. A used car only dealer is probably getting most of their inventory from a wholesale car auction. Most of the vehicles offered up at car auctions are ones that new car dealers don't want to be bothered with to sell on their own. Therefore, they "wholesale" them at car auctions and they end up at used car dealers. Another reason to try going to a new car dealer for your pre-owned vehicle is that they're more likely to hire women salespeople. I think of the auto dealers in my area and I can't recall one used car dealer having a female salesperson. On the otherhand, there are several new car dealers in my area that have women salespeople on their staffs. You may find that dealing with a woman salesperson is better for you.

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I hope the informtation I've provided for you helps in your quest. I wish upon you the best of luck!

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I'd consider buying from a private party. Used car salesmen are the bottom of the barrel.

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If you do deal with a used car salesman, tell them exactly what you've said here. Look them in the eye and tell them not to waste your time. Tell them how much you'll spend and get up and walk as soon as they start tap dancing.

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You may want to post again with a basic idea of what city you live in and ask for good salespeople there. Good luck. Sorry it's such a pain - I wish I could help you!

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For new or used at a major dealer cars by-pass the salesmen and go directly to the used car sales or fleet manager. But do your homework. Get the Consumer Reports car buying guide. It tells you what the dealer pays for the car and what you should be able to pay for the car. Another option is a auto broker. He buys the car from the dealer at a discounted rate then sells it to you. Of course he is going to get his cut but if you are sure of what make and model you might be better off. They deal in volume so you should get a good price. They tend to be less pushy than a commissioned salesperson. For a used car I would try to buy from a private party. Kelly Blue will give you the private party value of any used vehicle. Take the vehicle to AAA for a pre-purchase inspection and buy all means use the VIN (vehicle identification number) and get a Carfax vehicle history report.

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try to get new car have great deals going.dealers nicer for new car...cant trust used car.

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I recommend selecting the vehicle you are very serious about and then asking to take the vehicle to an independent repair facility for a used car inspection. A facility that is AAA and ASE Blue Seal certified would be best, and one that offered the Car Care Council of America's official used car inspection would be ideal. Once you know about possible problems and estimated repair costs, you know whether or not it is even worth negotiating a price and you know what you will need to do to it once it leaves the lot. It is a simple fact that used cars will need some maintenance, and this is not a dealership trying to take advantage of you, but rather them trying to make a profit to make a good living. The used car market is very difficult and if they were to spend the money repairing every vehicle to like new condition, they would be unable to sell them for enough to recoup these costs. Being armed with information is your best bet. If they will not allow you to take the vehicle to an independent facility or try to argue that it has already had a very thorough inspection, then I recommend turning around and leaving. If you would feel more comfortable, bring a business saavy person with you to help with the transaction, and one who is preferrably more knowledgable in finance than auto repair. Also try to bring someone who is more calm and not argumentative, since this will help with any transaction. Remember that they are not trying to rip you off, they are trying to meet their sales margins to earn their living and feed their family, and you are trying to do the same for yours. The more you try to think of the viewpoint of the other side, the better of an experience you will have, I believe.

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one of the best things you can do is know the vehicle terminology for the car you want inside and out. Know what engine you want, know what ammenities you want, and if you really want the best bargain, go in with a cashiers check for your downpayment. Money talks... don't ask... tell that what you wnat to spend, tell them the blue book values, if you know the vehicle, you have the best advantage you can have.

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Find a female salesperson.
We just do business differently & understand women better.
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