3 cars to choose from. Which is the best?

Im 18 and graduating in may and i will be getting a new car soon and i have 3 picked out but i wanna know which is the best. the choices are:

Can anyone suggest a first time car for a teenager(17) whose just passed their test.?

2006 Ford Focus ZX4 SES

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2005 Mitsubishi Galant SE


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Out of the Galant and Focus, I would pick the Galant hands down. It looks better, it's more luxuric, and it's a little rarer. Since it's a foreign car it will generally last you a few more years compared to an American car. I like the Tiburon, but it might not suit you. Since you're out of high school, you probably want to seem a little bit more professional. It's much easier to do that with a sedan. If an employer sees you at a job interview with a sporty-looking coupe, he might think you're one of the crazy racers he sees on the roads doing 80MPH. So I would go for a sedan.

What is the best car to buy ?

Here are a few more sedans you could check out. They're all under $16,000.
*Honda Civic
*Mazda Mazda3
*Jaguar X-Type
*Ford Fusion
*Chrysler Sebring
*Chevrolet Impala
*Volkswagen Passat
*BMW 330
*Audi A6
*Lincoln LS
*Buick LaCrosse
*Toyota Avalon

Should I get the S2000?

Here are a few more coupes you could check out: They're all under $16,000.
*Ford Mustang
*Dodge Stratus
*Toyota Celica
*Chevrolet Camaro
*Pontiac Firebird
*Scion tC
*Acura RSX
*Chevrolet Cobalt
*Saturn Ion
*Mazda RX-8

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Good luck with everything and congratulations on getting a car!! My advice is: do plenty of research until you find what you want. Treat yourself good!! If you're buying a sedan, buy a luxuric one. If you're buying a coupe, buy a powerful one. Before you buy, make sure you do a lot of research and make sure the car you pick is a good car. Check out reviews for it, and check for any recalls affecting it.

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If you could by any 2007 year Car or Truck, what would it be and why?

The Galant by far. The focus seems to be pretty good but the galant has had a great record and its a cute car

I would like to buy a car from an auction?

i would probably go for the Galant. it has the better reputation from the 3

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The focus is the best by far. It made car and driver top ten, consumer reports top ten, and jd power and associates top ten for best car for the money. I have a 03 zx5 and the power is excellent and quality, gas mileage looks are great, not to mention the gas mileage,, BUY THE FOCUS you wont regret it , plus is american made.

Hyundai "trajet" and mitsubishi "Grandis", which one should i choose for my family car?

hate to say this but go for the hundai. then you wont have to visit a me as much.

Car purchases - USA?

The ford is the cheapest to fix but you will need to take it to the shop more frequently for repairs. I drive japanese cars now, no trouble

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i would go with the Mitsubishi because for one they are safer two the look really nice and third they hold there value. I am car sales. I sell dodges but the Mitsubishi will hold value way longer than the ford. There are also a safer vehicle than the ford.. they don't look like a egg either.

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If you're single with no kids, go with the Tiburon. On the other hand if you'll be carrying a lot of stuff, pick the Galant and the Focus would be for the middle

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go with the ford

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Avoid the Focus, been there, done that. The Tiburon is a nice looking car and probably cheaper to fix than the Galant. The Galant will probably be the most reliable out of the 3. I now have a Hyundai Elantra and it has been an excellent car thus far.. they have increased in quality greatly and had too to keep such a great warranty period...good luck with what ever one you decide.

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2006 Ford Focus ZX4 SES

What 2007 diesel pickup should i buy?

I have driven one of these when I had it as a rental and its actually a really nice compact car. Smooth ride and more inexpensive than most
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