A question for everyone?

theres alot of convertibles out now in the 15k range, which one shall i get? the best looking??


My family is planning on buying a new car, which is better, the Mercury Mariner or the Toyota Rav4?

.. what convertables are in the $15,000 range?
Pontiac solstice-$20,000
Saturn Sky-$24,000
Mazda MX5-$20,000
PT cruiser-$21,000
Mini cooper-$22,000
vw beetle-$22,000
V6 mustang-$24,000
Toyota Camry-$27,000
VW Eos-$28,000
Pontiac G6-$28,000

If you had $50 to buy anything you wanted, what would you buy?

Now if your talking about used cars.
I think the solstice is a great looking car... now the reliability may be an issue, but because you didnt talk about it, oh well.
I like the lines of the mini cooper, but the interior deisgn is awful.
The VW eos, is a great looking car. I think vw has some of the best designs out there, but if reliability is an issue, dont even think of vw.
I think mercedes has some great looking cars, but they are even less reliable then the vws... and expensive to fix.
The sebring is just a boring car. It really has no style.
If style is your main goal, look at classics.
A 70ish triumph tr6 is a beautiful car, and you can find pristine examples well under $15,000
a 60ish ace 2.6 is another car with style that flows out your ears.
Austin healeys, older corvettes, ghia 450ss, maserattis, all are convertables that will make you get treated differently.

Ford Fusion & Ford Edge?

the new MX5

Buying a car on ebay thats in Canada?

Buy an old banger for £1000 and treat yourself and family to several nice holidays. Cars only deteriorate and lose value anyway. My friend bought a new car and sure enough marks and dings kept appearing over the first year. I think the thing that enrages me is when someone, in the car parked next to you in a supermarkert car park, comes back to their car and puts either a bag/box on your roof and then slides it off. It leaves many scratch marks when people do this. The dirt on the car acts like a grinding paste.

A question of being practical or indulgent. my dream car is a black saab convertable?

chrysler Sebring but get the one with a V-6 very stylish and affordable

Could someone help me please?

can get 2002-2003 mecedes
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