Are these repossessed cars worth buying?

well i am young and poor and i need a car that will last me a while cheap is this something i should look in to?


How can I buy a new car and get a loan with no credit?

I used to repo for GMAC. people would go out of there way to hide there car or chase you down the street shooting at you.

Help me to buy a car from malaysia?

NOW with that in mind these people thought there car was worth something. We have found large amounts of drugs in the truck or tools or whatever. Maybe thats all they wanted.

1 msrp= sing doller?

However repo usually means someone cant afford to pay for it. The car is perfectlly good they just got unluck and lost there job. SO now you get there car from there unlucky exsperience. OF CORSE this doesnt mean they wasnt having major mechanical problems when it was repo'ed.
(Beware the buyer). It's right on the dollar. IF you had time go to car faxs on the net some problems are listed there.

What kind of sport car should i get?

NOW if your talking about police repo's, These are cars or whatever that the cops steal. Ya thats right- they legally steal vehicals, houses, pretty much anything that you own when they bust you for dealing drugs or doing any illegal activity. The way this goes down is they say you never should have had the house or car or whatever HOWEVER your illegal activity bought the item so with the IRS's support they simply take everything you own. THEN they sell them to whomever. This money they make is used to buy drugs or illigal mercandise so they can bust someone else. So they Illigally buy and sell illigal product or mercandise to refund theremselves to continue there job. IF they didnt do this they wouldnt have a job. SO you could say they are creating a job for themselves, and getting the bad guy at the same time, then using dirty money to continue doing it over and over.

What is the best method for determining a reasonable car payment?

THEREFORE if it's a police impound or repo- It's probably a good car. Usually drug dealers or the BAD GUY take care of there wheels to get away from the GOOD GUY and continue there job.

When buying a new car, how do you avoid paying the second sticker?

Yes, they are worth buying. Just make sure you look into what you're about to buy.

How will refinancing my car effect my credit score?

Sometimes.. but remember.. people in general who don't pay their bills and get cars repossessed do NOT take good care of their possessions.. Take a good look at it first, you'll probably find alot of duck tape repairs and backyard make it work repairs done on it.

Porsche cayenne?

Some of em are pure junk and the good ones they want too much for before you get a repo look it over real close

Can I get 100% car loan on on-road price?

Try going to an auto auction that the city puts on, all of these cars that have been taken by the government can be had at a reduced cost. I have bought a couple of nice used cars at the auction, but i have also bought one bad car as well. You should bring a mechanic with you to look over any cars that you may be bidding on.

Im interested on buying a new car. And the BMW M5 and the Audi A8 are my options.Which one is better?

Here's a link on ebay Map-It where you can find them in your home town.
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