Anyone with a 2007 Ford Expedition, what is the best price you got?

I am thinking about purchasing cash and would like some help in negotiating. thanks!


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April 2007 Consumer reports rates the Expedition as below average in reliability. If you must have it ,lease it and get rid of it in 2-3 years. Toyota would be better as a buy long term.

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Consumer reports Annual auto edition is out.

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In order from best to worst
the rest are considered below average reliability

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Let me give you a few links that will help, first is JDPower, which is the industry standard to reliability data since they take a much larger sample data than Consumer Reports which recently has been raising concerned about credibility.

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2nd one is Cars Direct. I use that as an example of what savings I might receive, and what people are somewhat paying for. They usually price vehicles according to transactions. So when I see that a vehicle they might have is not selling with discounts, then I know I wont be able to bargain much.

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Next is, they have TrueValue which they take the info of what the actual transaction prices are going for, so that will help a bit too.

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Next is one of a comparison with the Tahoe which is another favorite in the segment, which the Expy won.

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And trhe next is the safety ratings according to NHTSA crash tests which it earns 5 stars.

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Hope this helps...
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