1985 mustang GT?

My manager has a 1985 mustang GT T-top... a 4spd i think. its been in the garage since 1985. Has original price sticker and only has 500-1000k miles on it. Mint condition.(black) I think it doesn't start right now. her husband passed away and she was left the car... any one know what it can be worth? she gets different prices range from 15k to 100k


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About 10,000 tops. And that's in running condition. !00k is just way off base for that car.

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hard to find bro

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a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay. for a guy like me i'd pay a bunch for it. it's got extremely low milage, and the fox body mustangs are my favorite cars. idk. that milage...t-top...4-speed...bla... pay about $40K.

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Two years ago one of these cars surfaced with almost no miles on it and they were asking 16,000.00, don't know if they got that. This car may have almost no miles on it but really check it out. If the fluids are 22 years old and have never been changed make sure the engine is free to turn over. You might get this thing and find out the engine is frozen from rust or leaking antifreeze into a cylinder. The brakes definitely will need attention. I would love to find one of those.

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The 85 GT is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it and what ever amount the owner will accept for it. It would be worth more if it was running. (Make sure the title is clear and not locked up in probate or legal stuff).

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Here's a link on ebay Map-It where you can find them in your home town.
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