1994-1998 Mustang?

I'm thinking about buying a '94-'98 mustang, but first I'd like to know, which is most reliable? I know that some years are better than others. Also, convertible or not? This will be my very first car, and I want to have the best I can get.


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Better stick with the 6 cyl engine and the hard top. The insurance gets fairly heavy on a GT convertible.

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If you have to have a convertible then just know about the insurance fees before you buy. 97 or 98, try and get as new as you can, it may help with repairs and maintenance costs.

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If you want the best you can get, then buy a Subaru, Toyota, or Honda.
Ford circled thier own problem.

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the hardtop is better, no leaks and more secure. the v8 is so much better but you do pay a lot more insurance, the v6's had headgasket problems.

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it is work and money to keep a fast car running..

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if your parents are buying it who cares

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but if your keeping it running and really need a dependable car go toyota

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the best advice is to not buy the first year of a new bodystyle
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