2007 Audi A4 Or Infiniti M35?

Hey Guys

Why should you buy a new car on a Wednesday?

Im thinking about buying one of the two cars said above., but I want to know what you guys would by...Both would be fully loaded navi system...Bose sound system and everything but the M35 has 280 HP and the A4 only has 200HP...does this make a huge difference in speed...Since an Altima and Camry are around 270HP would the Audi A4 be slower then them? I LOVE a smooth ride so does anyone know which car gives a smoother ride?

What's the best?

What one do YOU like the most M35 or Audi A4?

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Which New Car.?

Here's a comparison between the A4 and M5. Hope it helps.

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Go with the Infiniti. Infiniti is made by Nissan and Nissans are great cars that are very reliable. My family has had a long and great track record with this manufacturer. Audi are cool cars to look at, but I don't know much about them mechanically.

Does anybody know how to purchase a good conditioned car at the right price? I would love any tips and advice!

I vote for the Infiniti .. comfort plus power, best of both worlds. 280 HP is hell a lot of different as compared to only 200 HP.

Which one of these offers is a better deal for a new vehicle?

M35 is probably the best car in production right now, with its ratios of refinement and price.
Pros: Acceleration, handling, braking, powertrain, interior room, access, fit and finish
Cons: Low-beam headlights.

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A4 pros: Fit and finish, crash-test results
cons:noise, vibration, speed, rear-seat room.

What is the best car for a girl?

M35 is your best bet. It is also bound to be a lot more reliable than the german junk.
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