Are there such thing as V6 camaros?


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Yes. My husband's '98 camaro has the 3800 (3.8L), which is a V6. It has power, yet it will get 30 mpg on the freeway. (Low 20's with city driving.)

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Yes. Most had Buick engines in them.

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Yes Viginia,there really are V6 camaros

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yes, there are.

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my sister had one in 1984.

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in the 80's some camaros came through with 2.8 v6 engines. someone at gm must have thought this was a good idea?

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Like wonders..WHY?
But yes there are v-6 camaros...and mustangs.

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yes there is v6 camaros. but the v8 are worth more.

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I think every generation camaro had a v6 option.

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There are lots of camaros with six cylinders. Most of them began in the 90s.

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yes every year had a 6-cyl available 60s-70s-80s-90s-2000s

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I thought all Camaros are V6? Don't think there are any Camaros that are 4 cylinders ...
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