Are nissan 350z good cars?

I'm lookin at a 2003 nissan 350z


Which color Yaris Liftback should I get?

the 2003 -2004 models have a major front suspension problem (nissan faced a class action lawsuit). They have tried to resolve the issue with various bulletins but the problem still exists. I would not recommend buying these years since it was nissan's first shot at reissuing the Z. With the later models they have been able to improve on past problems. It is better to look for a newer year or better yet, wait to buy a used 07 the new VQ35HR engine (with dual intake and exhaust) is much better than the previous VG35DE

I getting a mustang this summer!!?

yes and no if youre carrying 100 people. look at yahoo autos and search 350z or go to the nissan website
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