A new used car?

I've decided to purchase a new car. I'm thinking of getting a used car though. Any recommendations on the type of car? I want a car that can be easily "pimped" as some would say. I want to put a body kit and such on it. So what car do some people recommend?


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I think it's a great idea that your purchasing a "used" vehicle, that someone else has taken the depreciation on it. Some of the best deals can be made from good cars, that just HAPPEN to depreciate alot, for one reason or another. I have a friend who got a great deal on a 4 month used Volvo S60. Because it's not a popular vehicle, the depreciation on it dropped about $6K under original sticker and really only had about 3200Miles on it. And the warranty is honorable of course.

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Although I wouldn't focus so much on pimping the vehicle. It's like throwing all this money away for things that really don't add value.

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I have a friend who bought a new Civic for about $18K, and pimped it out with over $7K in rims, stereo, body kits, etc. all toys he placed on his credit card he maxed out. The vehicle was stolen.insurance company gave him what it was worth...$16K. As for all the toys? Insurance didn't cover it. Now he's stuck with a $7K credit card to pay for, on a vehicle he no longer has. He doesn't have money to put on a downpayment for another vehicle, so he's sitting idle till he does.

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Just something to take into perspective...

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Hope this helps...

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get a manual (transmission) 4 cylinder, good on gas and sportier than you might think. Honda civic is good. acura cl 2.3 is good on gas and will still outrun most 6 cylinders.

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jeep wrangler. One of the easist and most affordable cars to "pimp" Plus they can be a convertible in the summer. What more could you want.

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Best of Luck!

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GOD bless us.

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Civic... .oh wait, 5 million have already pimped it out.

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If you want a body kit and such on it than I would look at the catalogs from companies that make these kits. See what is available and what you like and can afford. Not everything is available for every car.
So I would check that first since that is what you are after. Make a list of a few cars you like and are interested in. Then write down what you want for modifications, body kits, lights, spoilers, etc. and check off each item that is available for each car.
I had a mitsubishi mirage awhile back and nothing was available for it, which was fine since I didn't want to do anything. Now they make a few things for it, but still not everything you can find for say a Honda Civic which is really popular for that type of stuff. Also it varies with the year of the car so make sure you are checking that as well.
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