89 Chevy S10 radio question?

I have a Pyle stereo that I hooked up in my Chevy S10. The wires all fit and match the way they are supposed to and the tester shows that there is power coming through the wires. Does anyone know why that the stereo has no power at all? A friend has a 2nd Pyle that has the same wiring harness and it doesn't work either. I played around with the power and the ground - even hooked the power directly to the battery to check it and it won't come on at all. Is there something I am missing?


Do I need a new car stereo or just have it repaired?

you will need to make sure you have two power sources. one is constant 12 volts and the other is switched 12 volt (turns off and on with the key) and make sure you have a good ground.

What amp to you recommend?

If you hooked the stereo directly to a 'good' battery and got no response, you can eliminate any wiring problem in the truck. You obviously have a problem in the stereo.
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