What should i do if i hear a noise coming from my speakers when i have all new equipment in my car?


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okay if there is any type of noise running through your speakers when you have your CD player running then you need to check the following

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a) check your connections at the CD player and at the speaker itself to see that it has been connected securely.

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b) check your wires to see that they are not damaged or split. (u should install the aftermarket wires supplied when u buy new speakers)

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c) make sure that if you have an amp installed that your RCA leads are run down one side of the car and the POWER lead is run down the other side of the car.

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d) check your earthing points. If you havnt properly earthed your connections then it will cause the CD player to be noisy

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You need to check the wiring. Is your power cables next to your speaker cables? If yes, this could cause the problem. The power cables need to be seperate from your speaker wire because the power causes feedback or noise on your speakers.

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Another problem might be the speaker wire in general. If it is frayed, nicked or otherwise broken that could be causing the noise. When new speakers are put in, it is a good idea to run all new speaker wire. One wire from the headunit to the speaker, with no splices

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Lastly, the connections need to be checked, at the speaker and the head unit. It might just be a loose wire.

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well... what kind of noise?

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Not sure on the sound. If it's thumping check the wiring of the subs.

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your supposed to hear noises from the speakers.. its called music

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Do this and your problem will be solved.(Don't believe me, check out my source -you'll need a couple days for that.)

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Do the Big3 Upgrade (power -charge- wire from alt. to batt., ground from batt. to frame, and ground from frame to engine block all in 4g or larger wire).
You can leave the existing factory wires there or may remove them.
Good Luck!
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