Best 2 way or 3 way component speakers till 300$?

i need to buy my 1st pair of componets ..and wanna make it my last.can ne one tell me best 61/2" comps till 300$..and do ne body kno ,smthin bout hertz comps


How on earth do I play my portable MP3 player in my car?


Help installing car radio?

Focal 165V

How do I set the clock on an in dash Pioneer radio, I have model DEHP3700MP. thanks?

MB Quart QSC-216

Car Speakers?

Boston Pro 6.0

How do you remove vauxhall car stereo from corsa 2002?

can you squeeze a little more and go for some really good stuff. If I were you I would, then these would be my pick

How would this amp be with these subs?

Boston Acoustics Pro60
Crystal Audio SSCS6
MB Quart PCE216
Alpine Type X (a little cheaper)
Resonant Engineering XXX Comps (a bit more expensive)

What would be the best amplifier to run the following speaker setup.?

Also look into brands such as Diamond Audio, JL Audio, and Focal.

I need to get this out?

And if you spend that much money on your components, you should plan to spend at least $200 on a great amplifier to power them and make sure you build kickpanels or seal your doors very well. If you don't, you're wasting your money.

Speakers cut off when bass goes up?

rockford punch series components

Do u have to have a sub box? or can u just mount the subs?

is 300 all you have to spend total or is that all you want to put on the component set total? check out they have good prices and reviews from people who own them. i can help more when i know if 300 is all u have to spend or not. if you go to onlinecarstereo id check out the audiobahn abc6002v or abc6003v. they have good prices and sound great. ive had a lot of different brands and audiobahn has to be some of the best ive heard without getting insane on price

Front Firing Subs, seats down, what do you think?

The Audiobahn abc2's will run you anywere from $110-$140 and they perform outstanding for the price. I was going to buy a set for $300 but insted I got two sets for $240 and man am I happy : )

Car system?

i gotta agree with both the Boston's and MB Quarts that were mentioned above. personally i'd go with Boston, but thats me. also here are some you might want to look into.

Connecting my speakers to my amp?

Pitfalls of Bandpass Box?

good luck
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