What is the best adapter to use in order to listen to my ipod through my car speakers?

I'm trying to decide on which auto kit to purchase so I can listen to my Ipod in my car, does anyone have any suggestions?


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I use whats called the iTrip its from Radio Shack for about $49.99. It works for all of them, but I have the nano. And it really is great and the sound is perfect. You just plug it into the bottom of the ipod and turn the ipod on, its powered by the ipod. Then you turn the radio to a 'fuzzy' station and then turn the itrip to that station and there you go. It will however, like them all I guess, wears down the battery pretty quickly, about half the time. Hope this helps and it really is an awesome transister.

FM doesnt work yet Am and tape/cd do.?

you can buy the same kits they use to hook up a cd player to a cars casset drive

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I'll give you three options.

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The irock! 440FM $39.99, available at most electronic stores. This is a fantastic unit, it is strong, reliable, and doesn't use up your ipods battery. It plugs into the headphone output on the ipod and plugs into your cigarette lighter plug. Great if you have the car charger for your ipod, or you make short trips in the car so the battery on the ipod lasts.

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The Monster® iCarPlay™ FM Transmitter for iPod® (A IP FM-CH PS) or the Griffin Technology RoadTrip FM Transmitter and Charger for iPod (4031RDGC). These are design specifically for the ipod. They plug directly into your ipod, they charge the ipod, and play through your fm radio just like the irock!

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Hope this helps.
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