Does anybody use cb radio in the uk anymore?

if so what frequency and why?...thanks plank


Are Kicker subwoofers really that good??

yes they are still on sale in radio shops in the uk truckers still use them many taxi firms,there are many clubs still going try looking for them on google if you are interested ,funny enough its something i have wanted to get back into for years,now i think i will do something about it and search for a club to join myself,thankyou for refreshing my brain,good luck

I have a 4ohm dvc sub hookup parrellel and bridged to amp amp is1400 bridged and the sub is2000max/1000rms?

Should't think so now, with all of the mobiles around.

I need to hook up speakers to the stereo in my truck. Husband says I cant do it. Help me prove him wrong.?

I think not,but they were fun to play on when I was a kid.

I have a 96 camaro and i wanted to get subwoofers but i have t tops so were would the subwoofers go?

u need a liscense now its pants.has some fun though when i was a kid!

What will be a good alternator? and what good brands are out there?

they realy cracked down on them i remember when i was a kid me and a mate playing with one it got confiscated

15" Hifonics Goliath sub (1600w rms) w/ a Hifonics Zues mono amp 1600w rms...upgrade batt/alternator?

probably not, cb radio the kid's of today woulnd't have a clue what we are talling about. all texting now and emails.

How do i reset the security code on the factory radio when i forgot the code on a 2003 honda civic?

my friend does dont know wot the frequency is tho and hes in the midlands. usin cb radio is cheaper than usin mobiles and u can get a better signal than mobiles most the time.

What kind of amp should I use?

Not many people use them any more.
Frequency is around 27mhz NFM

How do I reset a lockout code?

Think so but it is a dying trade now :(

How connect my Sub Woofer and my Amplifier without damaging any of them??, please I'm a Helpless Girl :(?

truckers use them it saves a fortune in phone calls

How to eliminate factory amp in a 1998 dodge ram 1500 to install aftermarket radio?

yes truckers it's fm radio i use it when i'm driving if i go somewhere new i can ask for directions from other truckers or ask for a traffic report and just to talk it passes time when you work mostly 15 hours a day
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