Bass Blockers?

I am going to put bass blockers onto my ,currently, unamplified panasonic speakers. I have a sub and amp to get the lows so these only need to plya the highs. I know the cutoffs so my question is can I wire these into the harness from the radio or do they need to be close to the speakers on the speaker wire portion? I would like to put them onto the harness before it connects to the vehicle harness because it takes about an hour to get to the speakers. What should I do?


Should I get a 2 way or 3 way?

They will work anywhere in the hot side between your head/amp and the speaker.

I'm wiring one 12inch 4ohm dvc sub to a 2 channel amp sub is 2000watts/1000watts rms/amp is 1400watts/700rms?

that will work fine. just make sure you hook them upto the positives
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