What is the best system for the clearest sounding car audio system top of the line clarity grand prix gt 2004?

i want it to sound like the artist is right next to me in the car i want it to play all types of music really clear i don't think i need any more than one 10 for base i want to be able to hear i when i am older so i want as much clarity in the music as i can get no static no nothing................. just crisp and clear

Is this a good deal on subs..?

please give as much detail like speaker type amps set up
what type of wire to use what type of palyer -indash all the goods
specialty websites if any
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If i was you i would run polk audio speakers throughout the car... i would have 2 10 inch kicker comp vr's with a 300.1 amp to give it a lil bass not to much.. Then i would run a sony head unit.. This would be a very good sounding system

do I have subwoofer in my car without amp ?

1. Blaupunkt Audio System
Others are:
2. Pioneer
3. KenWood

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depends head unit there pretty much all the same jus dont buy a sony haha fa rilz though and wit subs lets see jl audio 13w7 jus 1 of them and rest of the components infiniti and highs would be mb quartz

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The best sound depends on you and how u get everything hooked up. go with what u know what do u have as the sound in your house? also you must know what to get when u get i hooked up in your car. all new speakers, 2amps ( 2ch & 4ch),
a sub and u wiil have the sound that u want thats what i got in my car and it sounds the way u want your car to sound. as far as being speciific everything u get must be the same, match it to the radio you have in your car.try to go with alpine thats what i got and like i told u it sounds good
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