Best System?

I have this 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs-T with a lame system. It has a cool deck that flips open. Its a Jensen (previous owner left it). He took eveyrthign else. It has stock speakers. Sounds like crap. There is also a cable by the battery that just sits there. My friend told me it was for speakers. Im unsure. So I guess its capable of powering a system.

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What are teh best subwoofers, woofers, and amps for a combination? Thanks


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There is no such thing as a "best" system. It depends on what you're looking for.

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To the poster below me... JBL doesn't even make a w7. JL Audio does. And as I said before, there is no such thing as a universal "best" subwoofer.

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And Rockford Fosgate? They're far from top of the line.

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best sub woofer you can buy is a JBL w7 12 in.
it is like 700$ on eBay. as for amps Rockford Fosgate makes the best. single channel amps will hit harder.

Whats an inexpensive but good car/truck speakers and subwoofers?

Here is what I think. Judging by the deck left behind is a Jensen and there are remnants of a previous system in the car I am assuming that the former owner just threw a bunch of cheap crap on their to sell it. As for the best system you should determine what kind of money you are going to throw down. In "Car Audio and Electronics" magazine they have 2 subwoofers which recieved some of the best test scores they have ever given but both subs cost over $2000.00 dollars apeice. That is a lot of money. I am running JL Audio W7 series subs. JL Audio is probably a crowd favorite. Try these two websites since they post customer reviews on the product they sell plus they have great prices and good selection.;onlinecarstere... Good Luck!

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If you want a good price and a good sub that hits hard and is very clean non distorting bass then go with the Kicker solo beric L5 or L7 or if your into extremly loud bass then go with the SOLO X its 18" of madness and will take a 10,000 watt load and shoot it through your window. ive seen these things rattle cans of shelves in stores from a block away man. but ne way its your choice GOOD LUCK!!

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all depends on what ur alternator can handle and how deep ur pockets are. personally i have an entire alpine system. some people prefer infinity and polk for their speakers. alpine makes some very efficient amps and jl audio makes some diesel subs that cost a fortune. if your going for the most bang for your buck with quality id choose alpine. i have a single alpine type r sub being powered by 400 watts from an alpine amp and my rear view is useless. often times it jz completely moves on its own till its facing the ground.
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