How do I split an output of my car amplifier for a parallel speaker setup?


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from the positive output run a speaker wire to the first speakers positive output, if it uses disconnects then twist another speaker wire to it, insert twisted wires into disconenct and crimp, attach other end to other positive speaker. repeat for negative. if it uses lil holes where u jz insert the wire and screw to tighten it then its self explanatory.

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do keep in mind that most amps for speakers are pushing out 4ohms and if u hook it up parallel u will be changing taht to 2 ohms. make sure the speakers are made for 2 ohms and that your even giving them enuff power so they dont sound like ***

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not sure exactly what your asking... but a parallel setup is just that. multiple drivers hooked up directly to the amplifier outputs.

I have a nissan murano and i need help with the speakers?

Like so

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