Amplifier problems please help ASAP?

Alright I was wiring aftermarket headlights up on a friends eclipse I ran a power wire alongside the power wire for the amplifier. When I was pulling the smaller wire through the fire wall it scraped some of the covering off and when i put the negative battery terminal back it sparked really bad right at the firewall.. The casing on the wire for the amp got melted a little but it appears that there isn't any of its wire exposed... But now the subwoofers are not working the power light comes on on the amplifier but no bass... The fuse right after the battery appears to be fine and the fuse on the amp is fine what could be the problem?


What amp to buy?

When the power wire grounded to the firewall the entire cabling to the amp got pretty hot. Chances are you blew a couple capacitors inside the amp. Take out the amp for a couple of days and let it sit inside to cool down. If the problem still occurs your amp is shot.

What amp should i get for this speaker??

The problem is you put a wire through a hole in the firewall without using a rubber grommet like you are supposed to, pulled insulation off the wire and caused a short circuit. The result of that was damaging his amplifier. You probably fried one of the circuits in the bass part the amp. Hope he's a really good friend, because you owe him an amp at this point.
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