Amplifier Impedence question?

So, I want to add a second amp to my car, I have a series of questions that if anyone could answer them that would be great.

Is this a good amp?

1. Can I splice the power cable or do I need a distribution block?

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2. Do I need a fuse after splitting the wire?

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3. I have an 8 guage power wire, my first amp is going to run at 2x100 watts at 4 ohms. My second (sub) amp is going to run 1x250 watts at 2 ohms. Should I splice the 8 guage wire to 2, 10guages or 2 8 guages?

Which subwoofer is better? a kicker comp c12, or a kenwood KFC-W3011?

4. Does it matter whether the wires are different sizes? Will the amplifier only draw how much power it needs? With both amps more power will be sent to the 250 watt one, right?

Speaker settings with subs in back?

Thakns again


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In order to answer the question better I will need to know what size fuses are on your amps.

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1. It is always better to use a distribution block. Splicing the wire is very dangerous and could cause future problems with your system.
2. You really only need 1 fuse by the battery. If you buy a distribution block it should also have a fuse holder built in.
3. Do not splice your wire! 8 Ga cabling can only carry up to 40A of draw from your battery (Do not oversize your fuse anywhere in your circuit to your amps)
4. Right the amps only use the power they need to supply your speakers or subs depending on how loud your volume knob is.

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If both your fuses on your amps total under 40A purchase a distribuiton block and send two 8 Ga outputs to your amps.

Amp/sub question?

If both your fuses on your amps total over 40A and does not exceed 100A you will need to purchase a 4 Ga Wiring Kit and a distribution block with two 8 Ga Outputs to your amps

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Yes, the amplifier will pull the current it needs. I would say 8 guage wire is sufficient. You don't need a distribution block, but they make things nice and neat. I've seen people use ring crimp terminals on all of the power lines going to their amp, then put a small bolt through all the rings and tighten a nut on it, wrap it in electrical tape and call it a day. Sure it looks like poop, but it gets the job done.
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