6 12inch kicker l7s??

well i have 6 kicker l7 subs what are your review about them do u have some did anything go wrong with them or are thay good subs i just wanna know before i keep them i hade 6 kicker cvr and thay did a good job so what do u think about the kicker l7


Volume -vs- Gain ??

in my personal experience if you value hearing get rid of them but if you wanna be heard at least 2 miles away keep em


i hope you a hell of a powerful alternator cuz ur gonna need it! my boy had 2 L7's and he blew 2 alternators that were the "most powerful" for the particular car but it DID NOT hold out. so i suggest getting some powerful stuff.

Need help on purchasing Subwoofers/Amp!!!!?

Yeah... you definitely will need some major electrical upgrades (and some expensive amplifiers) if you want to run two or more of them to their potential.

Is there a website/book that shows you how to install a Power Inverter and hook up a 20" LCD TV in a car?

YA they are great subs BUT 6??? i mean i envy you and all but how could you see to drive? everythinh would be a big blur!
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