What kind of Amp would work well with KICKER L7 hooked up at 1 ohm?

im just wondering cuz i want my **** loud and i only got one


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You would get better efficiency wiring it at 4 ohms. It will consume the same power at 1 ohm as it does at 4 ohm. You will also get less distortion at 4 ohm.

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The only difference between the two ratings is how hard the amp has to work to push the same watts. For example:

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An amp that's rated at

Best aftermarket in car stereo for an 03 Mondeo?

1000 watts @ 1 ohm

bought a1995 pathfinder that had a stolen stereo out of it. installed stero and right connections. no power.?

will heat up and introduce more distortion than an amp that is

2006 Chevy Cobalt Stereo?

1000 watts @ 4 ohm

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Which will run cooler and perform better.

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The output watts are the same and the 4 ohm amp will last longer.

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If that sub is a 2 ohm DVC then your only choices for wiring is either 1 ohm or 4 ohm.

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Here's the difference:

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1 ohm

How do I plug my ipod into the car, and let the car play the music on my Ipod?

4 ohm

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All you need is the sub you have and a mono amp that's 750 watts RMS X 1 @ 4 ohm.

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A kicker 12 inch L7 is rated for 750W RMS. So find an amp that will do that preferible at 4Ohm. Like the guy that said before me lowering your output impendence will increase your THD directly. And if you didnt know THD is total harmonic distortion and any more then .1 is audible.
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