Amp bridge able?

if i have two of theses amps :

At low volumes, how do i get nice booming bass?

American Legacy LA2278 4000W 2/1 Ch MOSFET Amp NEW 2007

I have this alpine type R swr-1242d,dual 4ohm voice coils,1500 w peak,500rms.i want to buy a new amp?

Can i be able to bride them together? if i can how s0o by RCA? or something else.


How to connect the computer cd player into car?

No, you can't bridge amps together unless they are synch & link.

Can u use 2 6 by 9's and 2 12's on the same amp?

The term 'bridge an amp' means to bridge the output of the same 2-channel or multi-channel amp by connecting subwoofers a different way.

Burnt CDs wont play in my car stereo?

You cannot use two amps to power one VC unless they are mono amps of the same model and the manufacturer states so.
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