1997 mustang gt aftermarket deck removal?

i have a 1997 mustang gt and i had an aftermarket deck installed...and i think some wires are off and i need to remove the deck and ive tried and tried plenty of times to remove the deck and the trim around all the a/c controls and everything and i dont know how to remove any of it.i appreciate any help thanks


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The new deck (and the factory one) are just front-loaded into the dash. There's no need to remove panels; in fact you probably can't take the trim off until the deck is removed. What you need is the removal "keys" for the deck.

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The aftermarket radio is snapped into a steel mounting cage, which is held into the dash by bent tabs. To remove the radio you need to release the deck from the cage and slide it out. Most radios come with special "keys" that slide between the side of the radio and the cage to release the tabs that hold the deck in place. If you don't have the keys that came with your deck, check with the place that installed it; they should be able to provide them.

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Go to an Audio store to have it removed. They might do it for free or if they are hungry for money they will charge you about 5-10 dollars.
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