What is the best satellite radio?


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I like the variety on Sirius better. Parents had both and got rid of XM. They felt was too repetitive. Check out this article http://radio.about.com/cs/satelliteradio...

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I have Sirius and I really like it alot.

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I've experienced the content of both. While I enjoy both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio, I would rank the content of XM as higher. Both have continuous music channels in every genera that you could think of, and they both have good stand-up channels. However, XM has rights to ABC News and talk, as well as CNN headline, CNN, and Fox (if that floats your boat). What I like about XM content the most is their selection of DJ's, of whom I especially like Bob Dylan's weekly show, but many celebrity musicians do spots. This is not to say that Sirius does not have it's highlights too. Howard Stern has no less than 8 separate channels of programming on Sirius. He is not actually broadcast on all 8 channels of course, but he help direct the content, from entertainment to even an interesting event channel.
I do have a negative comment about XM to note. I currently subscribe to their service through an installed radio in my car, and I have been engaged in a billing dispute with them since June. I have involved the BBB and it looks like its going to get resolved with my money being returned and two additional months of service being added to my plan. However, the only reason it has come to such an agreeable solution has been because of serious amounts of effort on my fault. I called their customer representatives and was given the run around on no less than half a dozen representatives, and at one point was even billed additional money rather than having my money returned to me. XM did not handle my complaint in good faith, and, administratively, has not treated me well at all.
So in summary. I like XM's content so much that I am currently a subscriber of their radio service. However, recently they have not treated me as a valued customer, and I have real reservations about recommending them to others. Sorry this wasn't a very clear cut answer, but my experience with the company has been mixed. My experience with Sirius was never as a personal subscriber. My fiancé has Sirius in her car, and I have listened to it when I've driven her car, and of course when I ride with her.

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one that is free and when you find it tell me please...
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