2 MTX 12's or 1 Kicker 10''?

Been shopping around for subs for quite some time. I have my eyes on these two subs because of price but wondering if anyone has any experience with both of theses subs. How's the SQ and SPL. Is the space trade-off worth the other sub, both have the same RMS ratings.


Blowed Up Stuff?

to be honest neither are going to sound all that great. and i'd be surprised if either gave you the bass you were looking for. i think this 12" is going to give you what your looking for. for less then $100 you wont find a better sounding woofer, and they can hit pretty hard too. check it out.

Do you know a site with a list of subwoofer enclosure vendors?


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good luck

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what kind of kicker ? If its A S10L7, go with the kicker !

For a 600 watt woofer, what watt of amp do I need. I am trying to achieve good bass not professional quality?

if you have the space go with the mtx it will slund better and louder because of the cone space 24 inches compare to 10
good luck
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