Looking for a new subwoofer setup for a 2006 f150?

Hello, I have a 2006 f150 and i thought it was about time for me to upgrade the sound in it. I wanted to buy 1 or 2 subwoofers but i dont know what subwoofers will provide the bass i want with the limited air i can fit in a box. I found several of the boxes that can fit under my seat but i didnt know how loud that would sound. Can anyone tell me a good setup for this truck? I want some heavy bass.


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i think your best bet is to get a Pioneer Premier shallow mount woofer. i recomend these to anyone with a truck or any car with tight space. these are only 4" thick and they sound amazing. you have to hear them to believe them. they hit as hard as the subs at Best Buy, if not harder. you have to go into a private shop that sells Pioneer Premier. oh, and there only about $180 each.

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good luck

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It depends on how much space you are willing to give up. If you don't need the back seat you can fit a good system in truck boxes. If you wanted to keep the seat then jl and mtx make some enclosures that are specialty fit to your vehicle.

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They are custom made pre built boxes for your truck, usually if you want two they will be 10". And I would recomend a set of Kicker Comp VR's. You are going to be satisfied.
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