2 mono amps and capacitor install question?

i am installing a 3 farad cap, and i have 2 kicker 750.1 amps. Do i need to run wire from both amps to the cap, or just one of the amps? how would i install this?


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From an engineering point-of-view, it is best to run a short wire to both amps from the positive lead of the capacitor, and a short wire to from the negative lead of the capacitor to the car ground (chassis).

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I believe you mean 3 micro farad capacitor. I would have the cap in line with both power lines to the amps.

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no, fordman, it is indeed 3 Farads (special for car audio). Okay, ryan, run a cable from the battery to the cap's (+) terminal, then a short length from that (+) to the (+) of EACH amp, so a total of three big red wires (or whatever you choose). each device NEEDS an independant ground, as short as possible. i know that they're all electrically in the same place, but for some reason it makes a huge difference. don't forget your fuses!

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Are you using some sort-of distrobution block for at least the power wires for the amps? If so, just run another power wire from the cap to the block and ground the cap separately. Otherwise just install the cap in between the amps.
Capacitors are made to comphensate for voltage drop from the wires so use as short of wires as possible.
Caps really don't work.
Here is why. A little outdated but true, nontheless.

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Good Luck!

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While the article that Javin M provides held true at one time, there are a few thinngs that time has altered. This article was written some time ago and changes have occurred in the manufacturing of capacitors. In the article an ESR of .017 was given, the problem is that caps made today have an ESR of 0.0016 or less which is a far cry from the days of old.

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What does this mean? It means the calculations and information now change quite substantially and can no longer be held as true.

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A cap is only good so far as the audio system isn't trying to pull too much from the electrical system.

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I know a cap can be beneficial as I'm running one and I measured a definite change in my electrical systems response curve to big bass hits with an oscilloscope, however, this won't be the case for ALL vehicles.
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