Are there amp inputs on the back of the factory cd player of 07cobalt?

i want to put a system in my 07cobalt LT.i like the factory cd player and i want to use it if possible.i havent even figured out how to take the cd player out yet.if it has no amp inputs, what equipment do i need?


What kind of amp wud u ppl recomend me?

the only people i have known to try to use a factory player to drive external amps (against my advice, mind you), have done nothing but give themselves many hours of frustration, and any outcome was worse than the original radio in the first place. get a new deck, you'll be happier and it'll be easier and it'll sound better.

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No, there are not. You need to take the Cobalt to an auto sound store and let them install the amp properly for this deck. The outputs from the deck can be used, but there will be more distortion than if you use low-volt outputs you would find in aftermarket systems.

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although you can use the factory deck... (with a line out converter) why would you want to? You can get so much more sound (better quality) from an aftermarket headunit then with factory any day of the week!!! from a flatter response to less distortion. you have EVERYTHING to gain from swapping out oem gear.

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people that tell you that is not posible or it will play with distortion do't know what they are talking about or they just want to sale a new radio

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i like the factory radio and looks a lot better in the dash compare to a new fancy small cd player with blinking lights
the only think you need is the correct interface for the radio

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