Blowing subs?

Will I know when I am about to blow my subs? They aren't overpowered but they do make some different noises when they are pushed. Would I know when I am about to blow my subs and speakers?


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You'll have less chance of blowing your subs with an amp that outputs more power. What damages voice coils the quickest is clipped or distorted audio. A 1000 watt amp running at 10% will have far less chance of damaging your speakers than a 100 watt amp running flat out. I have heard that a 1000 watt speaker can be destroyed by a 20 watt amp that is driven into distortion. The reason is simple, when your amp is driven too hard it puts out straight voltage, rather than nice smooth audio. Its like connecting your sub straight to your car battery, it will smoke up within seconds.

Is this a good sub and amp setup?

Well, I would advise you to turn it down if you hear a weird, static-y noise.

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Set the gain control right and you never have to worry about it.

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You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter (AC voltmeter) and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3 for the supplied test tone.

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You can't blow a sub by underpowering it, that's a myth.

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if the power is not overpowered, then, it won't blow.. the different sound is caused by the quality of the amp (thats why there are expensive stuff)..

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BUT, before the woofer is being blown, i think the amp will shut down or spoilt 1st..

Yea i have these dual subwoofers that light up for $140 there 1100 wattz are they worth it ??brand new?

aslong as the amp if right for the subs, its hard to blow subs, but when ur cranking over time with bass and volume and they start to muffle and make other noises, then u need to turn it down or u will ruin somethign

Will this all work.. Sub,amp, deck?

if they start to distort, turn them down.

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if its staticy noise you are hearing chances are it has nothing to do with over powering the subs at all more than likley the staticy noise is coming from the Power wire to your amp and the RCA cable being ran on the same side of the car or being ran close to one anuther, this will cause the RCA to pick up static noise from the power wire and be amplified then played on your sub, Try running your RCA on the Opposite side of your car than your power cord is ran that should take away the staic noise
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