Adding a JL 300/4 speaker amp to my system... What difference will it make?

Currently I've got a Pioneer head unit, Boston Acoustic component speakers, a 10" JL sub and 500W JL amp (for the sub. Overall the sound quality is pretty good- a lot of my friends have been telling me I should get a speaker amp because it will make things sound better... I just bought a used JL 300/4 amp on eBay for dirt cheap; what difference is this going to make to my current setup? Is a capacitor needed?


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a cap is not needed.unless you have a really small car with a low output alternator.

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an additional amp will make it louder, with a small change in tone depending how you set the new amp. As well as how you are currently wiring your set up. that info would be helpful.

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no cap shoudl be needed. not on just comps.

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the sound quality will increase termendously. your going to notice a huge differnce. especially on those Boston comps. JL makes good amps, but there normally very expensive. so sinse you got a great deal, your in great shape.

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good luck, be sure to post how it sounds after you install it.

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This will make a HUGE increase on both sound quality and volume. Nice choice, BTW.
What are you waiting for? Put it in!
Let us know how it goes!

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Good Luck!
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