Are there any good online guides for installing car audio?

I got a new deck, sub, amp, and speakers, and I need a guide for how to hook it up


What should i look for when buying car subs and amps?

See my site for subwoofer wiring methods, enclosure building techniques and other tips

I'm having problems with my car stereo. Can anyone help?

ur repair manual is ur best bet at first, because it tells u how to take out all the speakers and headunits. All you need to know is how you put them back te same way you take it out.
Sub and amplifier wise, they are all standard, all you need is figure out how is ur car wired first. just used the guide/instruction that comes with it... you'll figure it out if you have a technical sense.

What does it mean if when playing a CD all my sounds goes to the subs. But everything is normal with the radio

Need help with my subwoofers/amp setup what should I do? Very informative site.

My friend thinks my 300 watt amp aint sh!t.?

is this a 1981 for pinto or a 2008 porsche how can we help you ?????

3 4 OHM svc subs wired @ 1.34 ohms?? LOOK PLEASE?

i hope you can find your way around this site

I have a pair of 12" comp kicker subs and needed to know, what wattage and type of amp I need to get?
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