1994 Ford Probe SE head unit wiring?

I just bought the car and the last owner cut the harness that plugs into the factory head unit. I was hoping someone could make this easy on me and pass me the color codes for the wiring...and what color does what.THANKS for anyone's help!


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this is what you need

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You may have opened a can of worms. There should be 2 or 3 harnesses behind the radio ( the 3rd would be for the optional cd player or equalizer). Power, ground, acc, illumination, dimmer, etc are in one harness ( use a multi-meter or test-light to find out which does what). The other harness which should be in a grey jacket is the amp signal harness. If you want to keep the factory amp, find the remote turn on wire in the first harness (the one that meters nothing), power it up with fused +12v and use a 9volt or double A battery to "pop" the speakers in the amp harness. To do this start tapping the pairs of wires to the + and - terminals of the battery until you hear a speaker pop. Continue this until all the speaker wire pairs are found. If you can see the speakers (woofers) watch the direction they are moving when they pop. If the speaker moved outward then the wire on the positive terminal is positive. If the speaker moves inward, reverse the wires. It is very important that all the speakers move in the same direction or else you'll have poor bass response and diffused sounding vocals. If you can't see the speakers, you'll have to listen to music and start reversing wires until you get it right (a big pain in the ***!)

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I recommend bypassing the factory amp because most new head units have just as much power and you'll only be able to turn the deck up to maybe 10 to 12 before the system starts to max out and distort.

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To bypass the amp, you have to get behind the right side panel beside the back seat. Careful, the plastic tends to crack along the door jam. You can buy a ford amp bypass harness for about $15 at many stereo shops. Just unplug both harnesses on either side of the amp and join the two with the bypass. You can also bypass it the hard way which is running new speaker wires from the deck to the output side plug on the amp, but there's not alot of room to work with unless you remove the seat and the whole right side of the car.

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Good luck. It's a good learning experience!
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