Any LOW-COST amplifiers that bump?

Heres the spot to list them..Came up on some GOOD speakers- i need a powerfull cheap amp.. us poor folk cant afford $600 amps.. something 2-channel 400+ watts RMS... any cheap?


Ipod in car with 6cd changer without using fm transmitter?

Check out the "Hifonics" line. Very reasonable on ebay, around 250 and they are built well.

What was that loud boom ?

It's not 400 but it bumps check it out.

Car speakers?

How do i remove the factory cd player from a 07chevy cobalt?

These are way underated. (Maybe get 2?)

New coupe, ipod qusetion?

Go for a hart amp. They should still make them. They are an off brand of rockford fossgate. Two years ago they were about $250 for a 1200 watt amp. I about blew they glass out of my regal with one. I had two 12" sub in a bandpass box in my trunk.

How would i make two 8 inch subwoofers sound there best?

i got some d1 Diamon subs and they bump just as hard as my friends 5000 diamond system i spent all of 300 bucks

Can I put a non-factory CD player in a 1996 Ford Taurus?

i would say my subs sound just as good i think it also has a lot to do with your amp...i had a cheaper sony amp befor now i have a rockford and it bummpppss

Howo to intall subs?

I can hook u up with an amp
100x4 channels. 2 channels bridged 200rms, 200x2
only 160bux. look me up if you want it. I'm using all 4 channels to power my BANGS. It's also very clean to play for speakers.
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