Amplifiing some 6x9's?

So right now I have 2 sony subs being powered 50 watts each bridged to 8 ohms. I love this, just loud enough to rattle windows. But, What I want to do is use that amp (a rockford) to power my 6x9's and get a new amp that would put 125 watts per sub at 8 ohms. What the real question is, is how can I wire these subs? Do I put them each to a channel? or do i bridge the amp and then run the 2 speakers at 8 ohms? It is the same wattage and the only difference is the resistence. What should I do and why?


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What's confusing about this question is that as far as I know, Sony doesn't make any 8-ohm subwoofers. Every Sony sub I've ever seen has been 4-ohm. Now, if you have two 4-ohm subs wired in series to your bridged amplifier, then the total load at the amp is 8-ohms, and that's probably what you meant.

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The most effective way to run two 4-ohm subwoofers is with a mono amplifier that's stable to 2 ohms. You can wire the two subs in parallel for a 2-ohm load, which is perfect for most mono amps. You need to get your subwoofer model numbers and find out their RMS power ratings; then match your amplifier to those ratings. So, if your subs are rated for 125 watts RMS, then pick an amp that will put out 250 watts into one channel at 2 ohms.

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Unlike your subwoofers, your 6x9's should be run in stereo, not mono. That means your best bet with your old amp, which I assume is a 2-channel, is just to wire one speaker to each channel. Then the amp is putting out its rated power at 4 ohms to 2 channels.

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Update: You're confusing everyone because your original question says "how do I wire these subs"? If you're just looking for wiring information on the 6x9's, see my last paragraph.

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For more power, bridge the amp and wire both subs parallel (standard way of wiring) to the amp. This will present a 4 ohm load to the amp, that is the minimum impedence bridged, that the RF will handle. If you put each to a channel, your impedence is only 8 ohms.

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Example wattage; Amp that is rated at 100 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms
Bridged 4 ohms- 400watts x1
seperate channels 8 ohms 50watts x2

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I am not sure of you actual wattage output of your amp, but you could just apply the ratios.

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if the subwoofers have the same impedance i would suggest running each one from its own channel on the amp, so 1 sub for left and 1 for right.

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if they have a different impedance i would connect both, bridged over 1 channel.

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This is because if you have 2 subs of different impedance and connect them to their own channel there would be a mismatch of the resistances and this could damage your amp over time and will cause poor bass production.

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whereas if you have 2 amps of different impedance and connect them both bridged over 1 channel the impediance of them connected in parallel would remain the same all the time.

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and remember . . . if you have more than one sub NEVER have them as different sizes, always use only all 8" 10" 12" 15" drivers, never combine different sizes

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wire them the same way you would wire a sub. it's the same basic concect except you can't run as much bass
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