Blown Amplifier II. Is there anything I should look at regarding my amplifier blowing out?

My power wire is hot, my radio works, my ground is fine, and my fusues are replaced. Are they're any steps that I'm missing in checking out what the problem is to why my amp isn't working? My amplifier is an Autotek MX 1500.1 and is wired to four Audiofonic twelves (DVC; ADF-272's).


CD player problems?

check that the grouns is good and the metal where you mount the ground is clear and clean

Building another box for my solo-barics 4x4's?

I have the same problem with my Kickers CVR. The thing i found out was that the ohms are to powerful for the amp so you can do two things. either buy a really expensive amp and and wiring equipment or rewire the subs to have higher ohms like 4-8. As for your amp if its not working then its probably blown.

Installing Car aduio amplifier?

Check your remote wire, make sure that the turn on wire from the radio is gone. most times if you don't hook a relay up to the turn on it get burned out. that would be first since you checked power and ground. a test light out be my tool to use it this situation. good luck
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