Are rear deck and front door speakers usually the same size? stay factory or aftermarket?

im going for a banging bass system and loudnes of course. im replacing my already worn rear deck speakers and i was wondering if i should go ahead and change the front speakers too or just leave the factory ones. im looking to minimize the buzzing and rattling you get with bass.


Audio question?

YES!! Definitely change all of your speakers if you're lookin for a better sound sytstem. You should change all of your speaker just for the improvement in the overall sound of your vehicle period.

Is this amp/ sub any good?

i would replace the door ones also. stay with the same size thats in there now. otherwise you may get an unwanted sound differance between the two sides.

What is better for a 15 inch sub..A mono amp or a 2 channel amp?

change them both and if you really want it loud then add a 4 channel amp too.checkout

Build new box for dual subs?

Change all the speakers, also usually the door speakers are smaller. The rear a 6X9 and the front could be either a 3X5 or a 6
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