Are Alpine Type "R" SWR-1542D 15" an good?

will they have a lot of bass


What kind of amplifier should I use for 2 Kicker CVR 15 inch Subwoofers?

I have two 12" Alpine Type-S subwoofers and they put out a lot of bass and are crisp sounding. It has a lot on how you set up the sub, what amp you have, etc. But the point Im getting to is that a Type-R sub is a step up from a type S and would sound a louder. Also it is a 15" which will be louder than a 12" one. I have a friend that has a Type-R sub and it sounds amazing.

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sure will

What is best to do for big speakers in a hatchback???

Hell yeah. All I have is Alpine. Not the best best but it's up there.

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yeah Alpine does make some pretty good subs. It (15") will put out a lot of bass. I had a 12 and it impressed me. so the 15 should definitely put out satisfactory bass.
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