Back left brake light now working after a radio/speaker installation?

ok so i was at best buy. I had a big audio job done... took out the factory radio (head unit) and trunk unit(amp) - bypassed the amp put in aftermarket radio and new speakers.

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everything was tip top working great until i drive home and then i noticed that my back left brake doesnt work... the odd thing is when i actually BRAKE both brake lights light up bright like normal, but when the lights are simply only the right brake light is on.

I have a pair of JL 12" w3 what size amp should i use to get the full power out of them?

My brake lights are I think two bulbs each, one for main part that you see from the rear, the other a smaller one on the side of the brake light.

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The "side" part of the left brake light works normally, but the main part is not lit at all (however will light up bright when the brakes are pressed). I know this must be a wiring issue and they will have to fix it but anyone have an idea exactly what caused it?

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car is a mercedes 350sdl 1991.

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yes take it back and they will fix it for you or at least should they should of gave u a pamphlet with there rules and if u bought a warranty then it will have it

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I'd just call them, and ask them to check it out. It's possible that it's just a bulb, and that its failure was coincidental. If all your other parking lights work except that one, it's unlikely to be a fuse or a short. They may have dislodged the wire from the tail light while bypassing the amp.

Feed form ann amplifier?

Well your first problem was taking it to best buy. I have heard more horror stories about their installs than any one else! I would take it to the dealership, if they can prove that the install caused this problem, have the dealership fix the car and send the bill to best buy with a really nasty letter!
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