What is the best car audio system i can buy. head unit,amp,subs?


sony xplod 10 " subs how do I dissasemble them and if possible can I repair vioce coils?

I've posted this before, but it should provide you with a some help.

Want opinions for a sub & amp set up for '90 Caprice 4 door?

The components of a "banging" car sound system would be as follows: The source (cd player, in-dash dvd/nav system, radio, tape player, etc.), the speakers, the subs, the amps, the parts/wiring. Also, depending on how big of a system, possibly a new battery or two and an alternator. Here are some of my recommendations as far as good brands.

About how much does it cost to install a car audio system (subwoofers and amp) at bestbuy?

Deck: Eclipse, Pioneer (regular or premier), Alpine, Kenwood Excelon, Nakamichi (not the greatest looking, but great sound).

I have a new amp and subwoofer but I already have a stock sub that came withthe car.?

Speakers: Polk Audio, Infinity, Eclipse, Pioneer Rev High end: Focal, Boston, MB Quart, Nakamichi

cd player service?

Subs: JL Audio, MTX, Kicker, Eclipse, Audiobahn, Memphis, Hifonics, Diamond Audio, Fosgate (p3 and higher)

How can I install a car stereo?

Amps: all the sub companies, plus, Precision Power, Crossfire, Cadence, Soundstream

Here i got a couple questions for car audio?

Parts/Wiring: Monster, Tsunami, Streetwires, even Kicker and Fosgate make decent parts/wiring.

whats the best amp to run four 15" L7's?

Now if I had to choose, here would be my choices:
Deck: Eclipse or Pioneer
Speakers: Polk Audio, Infinity, or Eclipse
Amps/Subs: JL Audio or MTX
Wiring: Tsunami or Monster.

Who else hates loud bass music coming from the car next to you?

But in the end these are just my recommendations (based on quality and sound), like Sparky said only you can judge what you like. Everyone's ears are a little different so what sounds good to me may not sound good to you. Shop around at all the car audio dealers and take a listen, but make sure you take one of your cds with you so you can judge all of them with the same song (one that you are familiar with).

In op-amp inverting configuration is we use TWO trim pot 10kohm of each ?? WHY and HOW they connected...?

Hope this helps.

What is that adapter called used to plug your mp3 player into your car radio? And where can I buy it how much?

Depends on the money you want to spend

i need to replace my kdc-c600 cd changer, will a kdc-c719 changer work with my reciever?

Best amps are by far American Bass, Incriminator Audio, MMatts, Memphis, Digital Designs, USAmps, andmany more....90% of people have never heard of em, they are comptition amps.....awesome stuff.

I need to buy new stereo system components, which brand should buy?

Subs: Kicker L7 or SoloX (yummy), ANY and EVERY digital designs sub.

Help! How To Set Controls?

There is no "best", only preference. Only your ears can tell you what you like. Go to a pro audio shop and grab a listen. Some of the better shops will demo a system in your car so you know what your getting.

Is the bose sound system in my infiniti broken forever??

Here is some info on enclosures (and other tips):

Help installing pioneer using scosche?


What is the best adapter to use in order to listen to my ipod through my car speakers?

I would have to upgrade some of these. Some of the best subs you can get are probably Resonant Engineering, or you could get some FI Audio. They are suppose to be really good subs.
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