2002 grand prix back speakers dont work?

theres no amp in the trunk front speakers work how to fix them some times they will work


How do i change out a car sub amp that is connected to an capacitor and install a higher wattage amp?

you will have to look at the wires on the rear speakers and see if the connections are tight or there could be a bare wire back there touching metal.

Does anyone know how to take out a tape player out of a mini?

Sounds like a loose wire to me if they work sometimes but not all the time. You want to locate the wires under the speaker cone and fix them, make sure there are no loose wires, and make sure there isn't a bare end touching metal or another wire. If they are the speakers in the trunk you should be able to peel the carpet off the top-back of the trunk area and the shoudl be right there. Hope this helps.
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