What size speakers do i need to fit my car?

i own a 1995 saturn twin cam and i'm getting all new speakers and a cd player for christmas. i want to get something that will work. i already have the cd player picked out. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.d...
i want speakers that will fit in my car and not look stupid or sound stupid either. the price doesn't matter.


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Here is the size of your speakers

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Front = 6 3/4" Speakers
Rear = 6 3.4" Speakers

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good sounding speakers that dont look or sound stupid are.
boustin acoustics
kenwood excelon
mb quart
polk audio

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those are all expensive but some of the best brands for speakers (not subwoofers)

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Go here http://www.crutchfield.com and choose the "find what fits my car" link.

I know this sounds stupid, but I've bought a car with a Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31 and I cant get the CD out.

Measure your stock speaker or get a person for an audio store to look at them and he can tell you, I can tell you with out seeing it my self, MEMPHIS audio, MTX and DIAMOND are the best DOOR speakers and subs that I know off. AND the BEST amps are HIFONICS OR MEMPHIS try to MATCH THE RMS WITH YOUR SUBS CONTIOUS Watage

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Your car should have 6.5 in speakers, your best bet is either 2way/3way or components. As far as companies: Polk Audio, Infinity, Eclipse, Pioneer Rev, Niche, Kicker, MTX, Audiobahn, JL Audio, Focal, MB Quart, Boston, the list goes on and on. What it all comes down to though, is which ones you think sound better. Go to all the car audio dealers in your area and listen to what they have to offer, but make sure you take one of your cds with you that way you can demo all the speakers with the same song (one you are familiar with), because what I or anyone else here thinks sounds good, might not sound good to you. All we can do is offer our opinions, but in the end it all comes down to your ears. Hope this helps.

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If you want your car to sound good and have that "thump in the trunk" I suggest you get to 12 inch speakers from your nearest pawn shop or I'' ll sell them too you.
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