4 subs, one 2 channel amp...?

ok, I have a Pyramid Crystal, 1600W 2 channel 4 Ohm amp... I also have a pair of Pioneer 10 inch subs, rated for 400W peak (4ohm), and a pair of 8 intch MTX Road Thunder Two's (4 ohm also) which I dont have the specs for, but I had to actually turn my amp down when I put the 10's in, so im thinking the 8's have more power or something.. idk. so.. how could I hook all 4 subs up to he one amp? Iv looked and evere where I look they said I cold do it, but my amp would only have 2 ohm load or somethign like that... I cant see that my Amp is rated for 2 ohm so would it hurt it any??


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You are overloading the amp by adding 2 more subs. Your set-up was producing 2 ohms worth of resistance. Your amp can only handle a 4 ohm load.

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You need to wire 1 pioneer and 1 MTX in a series configuration.
positive of the amp to the pos of the 1st speaker. then, neg of the 1st speaker to the pos of the 2nd speaker. neg of the 2nd speaker back to the neg of the amp. This will present an 8 ohm load to the amp, which it can handle easily. Now do the same wiring configuration to the other side of the amp with the other pioneer and MTX sub. This configuration will not produce as much power, but it will be easier on the amp.

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Resistance in series adds. Resistance in parallel 1/Rt = 1/r1 + 1/r2.
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