How to Connect Zune™ to Your Car Stereo?


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There are 3 options.

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1. If your car stereo as an Aux. input jack, you can plug your Zune in with a 1/8" patch cable (a few dollars at Radio Shack). A direct audio connection provides the best sound quality.

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2. An FM transmitter, which are made by Belkin and others. They retail for about $30-40 at Best Buy or Circuit City. You plug the Zune into that device and the transmitter beams a weak FM signal to your car radio. The sound quality can be iffy, there is plenty of opportunity for interference on whatever frequency you are using. Plus FM transmitted sounds is not as good as direct.

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3. If your car stereo has a cassette player, there is a device that looks like a cassette and slides into the player. There is a connection of that into which plugs into the Zune. Again, there is a deterioration in audio quality.

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you need a auxiliary interface this device plugs in to your portable mp3 and in to your vehicle
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