Pros and cons of a car audio system?

what are they i plan on getting some subwoofers? and whats the best brand?


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a car audio system isnt just subs. theres the head unit(cd player), speakers, subs, and amps for the main parts, more advanced systems include things like a capacitor and stuff.
the pros are you get a lot better sound with less distortion and its a lot louder.

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im not sure what your spending limit is or what kind of car you have to know what size speakers u need but heres a basic setup guide to go for.

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1. get a decent head unit. cd player, if you burn cd's go for 1 that plays mp3's then you can fit 100+ songs on a disk
2. get some good speakers. go with a component set up front and a set of 2way or 3way in the back.
3. from the sound of it you dont care about bass that can rattle house windows 2 blocks away so go with a set of 10" or 12" subs. go with something like polk, you can get really good prices, they sound really good and you dont need a huge amp to power them so you wont need to upgrade ur alternator and stuff. something like these
4. get an amp to match the subs. like if you went with the subs above that are 400watts rms you would want an amp that is 800watts rms. go with a mono amp for the subs. those subs are 4ohm so you can wire them together and take it down to 2ohm so get an amp that is 2ohm stable. as long as you stay below the total rms of the subs you'll be fine, some subs can handle more but you can risk blowing them.
5. an amp for your speakers will get them more power, but you dont have to do that you can just run them off the head unit and they will be fine

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depending on how loud you make them, sub woofers can make your car sound like crap from all the vibration. might sound cool inside, though.

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depending on what kind of system you have or will get, and the car you have, too large/too many amps can create an electrical drain on your motor's components.

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best brand depends on how much money you want to invest, what kind of system you have or want.

I'm thinking about putting a system in my car what kind should i get?

Some very good brands for subs include Kicker, JL audio, and Alpine. As far as an amp goes kicker and JL audio make the best amps

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pros-great sounding music,loud,chicks dig it
cons-money,time,tickets,can get stolen
go to they sell many brands and offer free shipping and have reviews too

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There is no "Best Brand" for speakers. There are, however, different brands and models used for different reasons (SPL/SQ).
Honestly, the majority of a system will be in your enclosure.
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