Better subwoofer??????

which subwoofer is better with an good price ( audiobahn imortal, kicker solo baric, jl audio w7 ++) an an good amp for the sub


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the w7 is by far the better sub of the group. however its also the most expensive. if i were you i'd get a Image Dynamics idmaxx. listen to one, before you buy any above.

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good luck

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p.s you really might want to check out TC sounds also. there $120 sub moves almost as much air as a w7

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Ive know people with audiobahn. SQ is CRAPP! kicker is ment to be loud and effiecent and decent sound quality. A jl audio w7 is more then likely the best subwoofer you can get though it was pricy. Id go with the JL for the money, and get the 13.5 inch or the 12. Or a set of two 10's or 3 8's. Good amps for any of the JL's are the JL Audio 1000.1 amp. For kicckers, usually the kicker amps or power acoustik (very good for the price) You can get a 1200 maxx 600 rms power acoustik amp for about 130. Thats the one i have running two 10 inch w0's subs in a ported box.

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kicker alll the way

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kicker is the only way to go

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For all out spl the immortal is a pretty good value , for the ultimate sound quality the jl is a good choice (an expensive choice) the kicker is probably the best of both just depending on the enclosure you use .for the money the kicker is the best value.
For your amp, you just want to match the power ratings and the ohm load ,I usually recommend D class amps for the class of sub you are looking at.
all these company's have good offerings for amps as well.
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