What is best radio I can buy for my car ? I have a new vw and want a nice sound system Ive heard that they?

now have a radio with mp3 that has a usb connection so I can bring music from internet and just plug in with my usb pen!


What size and kind of speakers do I need for a 2000 Mazda 626?

Regarding your new VW, it may not be wise to change out your stereo as it may void some factory warranty. But if you want improved sound quality, and you got the cheap stereo system in your VW, then either upgrade your speakers with aftermarket or go to the auto wrecker and find a premium stereo system to replace. For VW's they have something called a PHAT BOX http://www.phatnoise.com/vw/, which will enable you to play downloaded music from the Internet into your car.

'95 Dodge Neon, 3 MTX Thunder 6000, Amp? Accessories?

one that works

My 600 watt KENWOOD amp burnt out 2 power subs in less then 2 days?

the best is xm radio

Need help with add-ons/customization ideas for my 96' Cutlass Supreme.?

not sure but my advice - speakers are more important than the receiver/stereo. Invest more in speakers....

The AM reception on my 2001 windstar improves greatly when the engine is off. Static is loud when on. Why?

i heard Dr. Crankenstein is good. if they still make it.
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